About Me

Professional Background

Operations Manager

I was responsible for recruiting, training, and supervising warehouse staff for an educational book supplier.

Sales Manager

I worked closely with finance officers, administrators, and educators within schools and colleges providing procurement solutions for textbooks and library books.

Transition to Driving Instruction:

As part of my journey toward becoming a qualified driving instructor, I obtained a trainee license with BSM. During this period, I successfully helped many pupils to become full licence holders. Upon achieving full qualification, I made the decision to establish myself as an independent driving instructor. This choice allowed me to operate autonomously, promote my personal brand, expand my business, and cultivate a strong reputation within the local community.

Service Offerings:

The initial two-hour lesson is charged at £38 per hour. Additionally, my students receive complimentary access to valuable resources, including Theory Test Pro, learner videos, and printed lesson handouts. I maintain a flexible schedule, typically conducting lessons from Monday through to Friday and either Saturday or Sunday, occasionally both days.

Teaching Approach:

I love to talk to people, teaching and delivering new skills in a clear and concise manner. While driving a car should be a safe, exciting and rewarding experience, it also carries the significant responsibility of ensuring the safety of other road users. My teaching philosophy is to create a relaxed and comfortable learning environment. Learning to drive needs to be taken seriously but balanced with moments of humour and building camaraderie along the way.